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Fractora Firm and Plus

Thermal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
As seen on The Dr. Oz Show!

Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus offer you two configurations of non-invasive treatments for collagen remodelling. The "Firm" treatment is for the face and neck, while the "Plus" treatment treats the body.

How can sub dermal heating benefit you?

Fractora treatments can help with:

Fractora (both Firm & Plus treatments) offer advanced fractional radio-frequency anti-aging improvements, as seen on the highly popular and informative Dr. Oz television program. Enjoy a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing with Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus.

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How many treatments will I need?

A typical treatment course consists of 6-8 sessions. Each session takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the area being treated. Optional maintenance treatments are available to clients seeking prolonged, enhanced results.

How does it work?

Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus technologies utilize radio-frequency (RF) energy to penetrate the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) where the collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts thereby accelerating the production of new collagen fibers. Radio-frequency also diminishes the size of fat cells for better contouring.

Am I a candidate?

Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus treatments are suitable for all skin types. However, the extent of the patients' reaction to treatment is client specific. Candidates who maintain a healthy lifestyle and are near their ideal weight typically show the best results.

What can be treated with Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus?

Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus treatments are ideal for:

Will it hurt?

The Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus treatments are virtually painless. During treatment some candidates can experience mild heating sensations. Immediately after treatment, some redness and warmth can be seen and felt on the skin. Both are necessary to the treatment and should disappear within an hour or so following the treatment.

When can I expect results?

Immediate results are seen in almost all patients during the first treatment. Noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and face and neck contouring and lifting can be seen over a full treatment course. Clients reported improved tone and texture of their arms, tummy, thighs and a lift in their buttocks.

Will the treatment interrupt my daily routine?

Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus treatments are an in-office procedure with no downtime. You can return to work or your daily routine immediately after your session.

Have the Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus technologies been clinically tested?

Yes, Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus treatments have been clinically proven to:

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